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International Workshops

4th AIST International Imaging Workshop
January 16-21, 2017

Biomedical Research Institute (https://unit.aist.go.jp/bmd/en/) National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science & Technology (AIST) 1-1-1 Higashi, Tsukuba Science City 305 8566, Japan

The AIST International Imaging Workshop is a residential one-week course held at the Biomedical Research Institute, AIST offering a wide range (from the principles of light microscopy to super resolution imaging) of microscopy training to young talented researchers. Participants will be trained through hands-on practical sessions in several critical and important issues related to imaging technologies.

Who can join?

The course is suitable for both beginners and experienced users wanting to gain a greater understanding of the microscope. Students are selected through recommendation from their supervisor internationally from a range of backgrounds. Preference will be given to doctoral level students. The course will have a maximum of 15-16 delegates.


Selected candidates will be provided (1) Airfare (return) by economy class through the most direct route from the international airport in their home country to Japan, (2) Limousine fare from Narita International airport to Tsukuba Center, (3) Single room accommodation at the AIST Guest House and (4) Allowance to cover the daily meals.


The course, including the course materials, will be conducted in English.

Course Details

Laboratory Course 1: Basic training in Microscopy Anatomy of the light microscope, Basic optics, Lenses, Bright field, Phase contrast, DIC, Fluorescence, Fluorochromes and Filters, Fluorescence imaging, Basic microscope maintenance

Laboratory Course 2: Basic training in Laser Scanning Microscopy Learn the basic technique for a confocal microscopy, including spectral imaging, photo-activation, calcium imaging etc.

Laboratory Course 3: Training in the latest Microscopic Analysis Learn the principle and techniques of recently-developed novel microscopic technologies, such as Super-resolution Microscopy, FCS analysis, Electron Microscopy, and so on.

Laboratory Course 4: Training in Bioluminescence Screening & Imaging
Learn the principle and techniques in high throughput screening & cell imaging based on bioluminescence technology


January 15 - Arrival and Reception

January 16 - Orientation; Lectures on Basic Principles of Microscopy

January 17 - Course 1: Basic training in Microscopy

January 18 & 19 – Course 2: LSM Course 3: Latest Microscopic Analyses Course 4: Bioluminescence Screening & Imaging

January 20 – Tour to imaging companies in Tokyo

January 21 – Departure

Instructors: Y. Ohmiya, K. Katoh, T. Ebihara, T. Ochiishi, Y. Sasaki, K. Kiyosue, T. Tomita, Y. Shinkai, H. Inagaki, K. Ogawa and M. Doi

Organizers: Y. Ohmiya, R. Wadhwa, Y. Onishi, M. Doi and S. Kaul

Sponsors: Nikon, ATTO, Hamamatsu Photonics

Deadline for application - October 15, 2016

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