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J’pura Employability Skills Awards 2018 – Online Registrations are now open until 5th July 2018.

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Employability skills play a vital role when job seekers embark into the globalized job market. The employable graduates should be well equipped with broad experience and ability to sell their personal identity brand and profile. Therefore, the graduates need to demonstrate soft skills such as communication, team working, leadership skills etc. when getting selected for a particular occupation. The career Guidance Unit of University of Sri Jayewardenepura understood the necessity of these skills and motivate undergrads towards enhancing these skills to fulfill the employers’ expectations.”J’pura Employability Skills Awards  (JESA) programme was introduced in 2015 for undergraduates as a skipping board towards enhancing awareness of the importance of employability skills and motivating them to achieve these highly valued skills. In the midst of busy academic schedules, this programme helps to produce competent graduates who are ready to face challenges in personal as well as professional life. Therefore, this programme will help to identify and acknowledge skillful undergraduates who have actively engaged in activities outside their degree programmes in university. Employability awarding ceremony contributes bellow categories of awards to assess Japura undergraduates.

  • Best Leader Award
  • Best Team player Award
  • Best Creative designer Award
  • Best Innovator Award
  • Best Communicator
  • Best Employability skills Achiever Award( BESA) for all faculties
  • Best Entrepreneur Award

Introducing the Best Entrepreneur award is a new improvement oin2018 of this ceremony and motivate and change students’ attitudes towards entrepreneurship was the main objective.

This is an open opportunity for all university undergrads and planned to award certificates for all capable undergrads with the industry recognition as the satisfied skills achievers. This system will be a huge opportunity for our undergrads and to take the more benefit from the programme. Also, the month of August has been named as “J’ Pura Employability Enhancement Month”. This month is dedicated to disseminating to educate the students about the importance of employability skills, exhibitions. This will be a major opportunity for junior students to compete for Employability Awards in coming years in future.


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