Partnership between academia and parliament to collaborate in use of evidence from research in to informed decision making

Parliamentarians are the key decision makers on behalf of citizens, who decides priorities and resource allocation in the country. They are also the policy makers in the country. It is important that their decisions are based on evidence so that more effective decisions are made. Evidence based policy making is emphasized in Sustainable Development Agenda as well as for good governance. However the question is whether parliamentarians get reliable, credible and useful evidence from research and evaluation. Who generates the research data? To fill the gap Centre for Evaluation of SJP initiated bridging the gap making available data/ evidence by policy makers by facilitating a new partnership between the Parliament of Sri Lanka and University Grants Commission of Sri Lanka. Under the partnership, universities will make research findings available from state universities in Sri Lanka for evidence based decision making by parliamentarians.

The historical event to sign and Memorandum of Understanding by the Parliament of Sri Lanka and University Grants Commission took place on 24th February at the parliament. Under the MOU in addition to sharing research findings, universities will conduct specific research on the request of parliament that would provide a basis for policy making and legislation as well as it will give opportunities for young talented high achieving university graduates/ undergraduates to work in parliament as interns. This initiative is supported by the Strengthening Democratic Governance and Accountability Project (SDGAP) of USAID.