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If you have qualified to become a student of USJP then you are truly special. But there are some who are exceptional, not just in academics but also in sports. The best of best, leaders of the rest. There would be none more suitable than them, the captains and vice captains of sports teams to tell the world the true potential of the students of USJP. So us Flamians thought of getting to know them better. It is with this intention that we sought out the Vice Captain of the tennis team (boys) of USJP.

With an impressive school sports profile which complements his University sports profile, he is none other than Indika Wettasinghe from the Faculty of Medical Sciences. Indika’s journey in Tennis began when he was around 6 years of age under the guidance of his far sighted father. Since then, he has captained the school team under every age group, eventually becoming the overall Captain of the school tennis team in 2009.

A proud son and a spirited sportsman of Royal College, Colombo, Indika Wettasinghe has been a member of the winning team in the National School Games in 2007, 2008, 2009 and 2010, bringing the trophy home for 4 consecutive years. The victory in 2009 is perhaps more memorable since he lifted the trophy as the proud captain of his team.

Indika’s remarkable skills in Tennis have not being limited to the National level. He has represented Sri Lanka on many occasions in the International arena including the under 14 Sri Lanka boys team for Junior Davis Cup in 2004 where he won ITF (International Tennis Federation) recognition and the World Junior Championship. Unafraid of the tough challenge he has to face in keeping up with his hectic life as medical student while holding on to his passion for tennis Indika made the choice of joining the tennis team of USJP.

It does not come out as a surprise that he qualified as a member of the team for World University Games 2013 held in Russia. Although an unfortunate injury prevented him from taking part, his recovery and spirited reappearance in the team led USJP to qualify for finals in the Inter University Games 2014. As Vice-Captain and an enthusiastic tennis player Indika is confident in the fresh talents moulded to build the tennis team which will represent USJP in the upcoming Inter University Games 2015.

Indika has yet again qualified for the world University Games 2015 to be held in Korea. He is as expected, optimistic and looking forward to take part in the event.

He is also an enthusiastic pianist and a chess player with an exceptional personality. Indika Wettasinghe is the perfect example for the potential USJP holds.

Sincere wishes from J’pura flames to Indika Wettasinghe to continue to bring glory to USJP!