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                                      Competitive Sports Activities

At the University of Sri Jayewardenepura, the undergraduate student has a choice of selecting any sport to engage in among more than 25 different sport disciplines. The interested sportsmen & sports women can practice a sport and can be a team member who represents the University of Sri Jayewardenepura at national & international level competitions.

Captains and Vice Captains

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 384764_405720942823389_1360372222_n Track & Field                             tennis 11     Tennis

    10945775_822657241106983_3129284014553216934_nTable Tennis                         10389279_854183454620253_1494978771216451063_n    Hockey

10995428_862773700427895_3980081896010595185_n  Basketball                                  941052_536896833015585_1191219013_n      Chess

    Netball                                       DSC_0166 taek     Taekwondo

10402818_721158617922738_1648176207743793347_n    Cricket                                      598927_574868039239490_2023079776_n     Baseball

DSC_0400-300x199     Road Races                                   For-Hassimdeen-copy-300x300    Football           

index     Carrom                                            DSCN0014     Badminton

weightlifting3     Weight Lifting                                250px-Slugwres    Wrestling

Slugel_(An_Elle_match_in_progress)        Elle                                               z_p18-Indian-01     Volleyball

rugby     Rugby