Career Guidance Unit, University of Sri Jayewardenpura

 Supporting Capability & Employability for Tomorrow

Career Guidance Unit helps undergraduates to develop their skills and abilities of self-assessment information seeking and decision making required for coping with the needs of complex of world of work & to develop life long learning ambitions. Success in career guidance depends on providing upto date information on training & employment oppotunities and having a good knowledge of available opportunities in the local and international training market.

Mr Charles Fernando, Senior Lecturer of the Department of Public Administration was the first Director of the career Guidance unit till 31.12.2006. He worked with dedication and as a result has improved to the present state. Senior Lecturer of Department of Sociology and Anthropology Dr. Janak Kunarasinghe is the new Director.

This Unit which is framed on long standing and meaningful objectives and practical experience is today the leading Career Guidance Unit in the University system.

Following services are provided by this Unit:

• To advise and provide information to graduates in finding employment and completion.

• To develop and introduce attitudes of the outside world to undergraduate by organizing and conducting of training sessions and work-shops.

• Persionality and merit development work-shops for all undergraduates for successful implementation of the above aims two special courses

• On proficiency development a computer centre and resource centre have been established.

• To assist graduates in directing them for fruitful business or industry.

• To provide information to new graduates on availability of jobs and training programme.

• To supply information to employers on their requirements by directing the graduates to provide necessary information.

• To actively participate in building a mutual understanding between the university students and the outside world specially the private sector.

All students are invited to get the benefits from these services. all details are displayed in the Notice Board of the career Guidance Unit. Alternative details could be obtained calling T. No. 011-5658826 or e-mail For further details could be obtained from Professina Instructrss Ms. chaturangi Tennakoon, on intercom 8477 or Professiona Instructor Sameera Jayawardena on intercom 8478, Naveen Gallage at the office on intercom 8475.

Career Guidance Unit
University of Sri Jayewardenepura,


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