Call for Application - IBRO-APRC Workshop
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Ada News Paper, Tuesday 08th December 2015
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Gateway to postgraduate study in Europe.
Sunday Observer 8th November 2015
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USJP, EURON Double Doctorate opportunity for local graduates- Sunday Times
1st November 2015
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  Apply for IBRO-APRC Colombo School and…

Interact with innovators:

  • Over 30 acclaimed international academics and clinicians including 6 patent holders

  • Representations by top institutions of higher learning from USA, UK, China, Australia, Japan, Netherlands, Singapore, India, Malaysia and Thailand

Exploit the opportunities :

Learn proactively:

  • Hands-on practical training/ Lectures in

    • Proteomics

    • Nanotechnology

    • Cell culturing

    • Molecular diagnostics,

    • PCR, RT PCR, TP PCR and MLPA techniques

    • Mind Relaxation

  • Innovative multidisciplinary research

  • Exposure to cutting edge technology

Advance your knowledge, transform your career:


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