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Call for Applications:
Solutions, Ideas, Inventions, Innovations & Products (SIIIP) University of Sri Jayewardenepura (USJP)

Funding Body

World Class University Project, USJP

Duration and level of funding

Grants are offered for 1 - 2 years (Call for Applications from the 1st July 2014)

Range of Funding:

  • 1. Prospective Undergraduate Four year Special Degree Projects

  • 2. Service Oriented Projects

  • 3. Industrial Research

Who can Apply?

Academics, Non-academics, Postgraduate Students and Undergraduate Special Degree students.

Funding available towards

1. Prospective Undergraduate Four year Special Degree Projects:

  • Applicants should meet the relevant criteria required to pursue Undergraduate Special Degree Projects at USJP.

  • The Research project should be defended before an examining panel consisting of at least one external (outside the USJP) examiner:

    • Accountability and feasibility of the project should be clearly demonstrated

2. Service Oriented Projects:

  • Service based projects that;

    • Utilize one's academic knowledge and skills towards the direct academic improvement and generate knowledge within the university.

    • Projects that fulfill a significant public need by providing essential services in the University and Sri Lanka.

The accountability and direct, academic and/or financial benefit to USJP through these projects should be clearly demonstrated.

3. Industrial Research:

  • Bridging funds (50 % industry and/or 50% government) involving industrial projects with a suitable percentage of intellectual property (IP) awarded to the USJP.


  • Priority would be given to Multidisciplinary projects that involve more than one conventional field of study/faculty (justification and role of each field of study/faculty will be required)

  • Project Proposal and an estimation of the budget required to carry out the study

  • Validation of total funds awarded by external agencies; dates and amount awarded for last budget period

  • Justification regarding financial and academic gains/benefits for the USJP

  • For long term projects, project implementation and management will be reviewed at a half-way point; one-page progress report.

Expected Outcome

  • Results and Progress of innovative research funded by the World Class University Project should be presented at annual symposia to a panel of experts, eg: Internal and External University Examiners.

  • At least one finding resulting from the study Results should be published in the University’s Vidyodhaya Journal.

  • The research project should generate intellectual property (IP). Patent applications should cover the research project’s findings; wherein, 1/3 of the patent rights would belong to the University of Sri Jayewardenepura.

  • The project should provide a direct service proving to be academically or financially beneficial to the USJP

Please Send a Soft Copy of Your Project Proposal to Our Email - wcup@sjp.ac.lk