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Implementation of innovative projects will be encouraged to strengthen local operations and take advantage of a unique opportunities from a local perspective. Projects that are being continued or show minor modifications of previous studies will not be funded.

Promotion of interdisciplinary (Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, Applied Sciences, Management studies and Commerce, Medical Sciences, Faculty of Graduate Studies) collaborations that involve academic exchanges across international, national and disciplinary boundaries in order to improve the innovative research.

  • Developments in the field of meditational sciences with the association of Sri Lankan socio-cultural practices.

  • Improvements on Philosophy, Psychology, Civilization and Economics.

  • Effect of traditional medicine; Ayurvedic therapies, Siddha Medicine, Unani Medicine, Natural Products and oriental music on cognition meditative states of minds.

  • Developments in the field of interdisciplinary sciences with the association of engineering and technological aspects of Electrical, Mechanical, Bioengineering, Chemical, Bio- systems, Computer Science etc to implement creativity, ingenuity and novel innovations by the active collaboration of engineering faculties throughout Sri Lanka.

Increase the number of high quality academic output by the university by improving research grant policies under the following criteria.

  • The study should produce at least 3 publications for a PhD degree and 2 publications for a MPhil degree in ISI indexed journals with at least 1 publication in a journal with an impact factor of 1 or above (could be revised under exceptional circumstances).

  • At least one MPhil/PhD examiner should demonstrate clear evidence of research competence and hold at least 50 publications relevant (could be revised under exceptional circumstances) to the focus area of the research project in ISI (Institute of Scientific Information) indexed journals.

  • Project progress should be presented by the postgraduate candidates annually to an expert panel of academics during the academic sessions (of the project related field) at the University of Sri Jayewardenepura.

  • Requests for funds towards equipment purchasing will not be encouraged unless it is well justified. Purchasing of equipment that are already available in Sri Lanka will not be considered while priority will be given towards low cost outsourcing.

    • Once equipment have been purchased.

      • Systematic method of records reflecting its usage should be maintained as entries in a journal or log book and will be assessed every six months/annually.

      • The number of publications/abstracts and presentations that the equipment have been utilised for should also be presented.

  • Patent development should be executed as a fundamental system to encourage and protect local innovation.

    • Patent ownership for inventions arising out of research and development activities occurring at the university is defined by the university policy, whereby the university along with the supervisor/s and postgraduate students of the study would have the right to own patent rights for inventions arising out of research and development occurring at the university and for which they are inventors.

  • Funds will be allocated towards internal academics who wish to further pursue and improve their academic career within their respective department at the University of Sri Jayewardenepura.

  • Funds will be allocated towards non-academics pursuing Diplomas and Undergraduate or Postgraduate degrees which directly relate to the field of study within their respective department at the University of Sri Jayewardenepura.

  • Special consideration would be given towards the provision of start-up funds (funds towards equipment purchasing will not be encouraged unless it is well justified) for newly appointed investigators.

Conduction of grant writing Seminars and Workshops for graduate students to provide a broad overview on the grant writing process and providing assistance to prospective grant applicants in developing and presenting a competitive application towards the World Class University Project .

Conduction of hands-on methods and techniques courses and Workshops within respective research fields along with international Seminars and annual Research Forums (international travel awards will not be provided).