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Innovative projects

            To strengthen local operations and take advantage of a unique opportunities from a local perspective.

  • Interdisciplinary collaborations that involve academic exchanges across international, national and disciplinary boundaries in order to improve local innovative research:

      • Developments in the field of interdisciplinary sciences with the association of engineering and technological aspects of novel innovations.

      • Developments in the field of meditational sciences with the association of Sri Lankan socio-cultural practices.

      • Improvements on Philosophy, Psychology, Civilization and Economics.

      • Effect of traditional medicine; Ayurvedic therapies, Siddha Medicine, Unani Medicine, Natural Products and oriental music on cognition meditative states of minds.

  • Patent development as a fundamental system to encourage and protect local innovation.

Technology Development

            In order to further advance research outputs from laboratory scale to pilot scale and beyond, projects drawing on knowledge gained from basic and applied research and/or practical experience, should be directed towards;

      • New and innovative materials development by amalgamating Sri Lankan natural product formulations, indigenous medicine, cosmeceuticals and food varieties as consumables with scientific findings.

      • New and efficient process and business model development, licensing and venturing to combine resources, ideas and technologies.

      • Substantially improve process systems and services of those already produced or installed (experimental development).

      • Novel technological improvements in applications in remediation, water purification, analytics, and food processing.

      • Service-based investigations that allow definitive diagnosis of patients, influence therapy and allow monitoring of therapeutic effectiveness.