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The University of Sri Jayewardenepura conducts the courses to students who have gained admission to the university, These students are selected based on their performance at the General Certificate of Education (Advanced Level) examination. They are admitted to 3 or 4 years full time degree programmes. All the expenses to conduct these courses are met by the government under the Free Education policy. The general expenditure of the University of Sri Jayewardenepura is around 7.8 million rupees per day.

In addition, according to the resources and facilities available in different faculties and considering the current national and global requirements of the country, the university offers Certificate and Postgraduate Diplomas, M.A., M.Sc., M Phil, and PhD, programmes. Most of these courses cater to employed graduates and are conducted on a part time basis. These courses are fee-levying courses. Research relevant to postgraduate Degree are conducted in the university or in outside organizations. A postgraduate Degrees are conducted by the Faculty of Graduate Studies. Different courses conducted by the university and their duration are as follows:


First Degree Courses

Faculty of Huminities & Social Sciences

The Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences conducts Degree programs under 24 different fields of study. Students can design their own General Degree programs in relation to these 24 fields of study: they can also design their Special Degree Programs in line with these fields of study, with the exception of subjects such as French, Management and Information Technology which are offered only as General Degree programs.

First Degree Courses
1. B.A. (General) Degree Course) (03 years)
2. B.A. Special Degree Course Criminology (04 years)
3. B.A. Special Degree Course-Economics (04 years)
4. B.A. Special Degree Course -English Language (04 years)
5. B A special Degree Course -English Literature (04 years)
6. B A special Degree Course – History (04 years)
7. B.A. Special Degree Course -Mass Communication (04 years)
8. B.A. Special Degree Course -Philosophy & Psychology (04 years)
9. BA. Special Degree Course -Political Science
10. B.A. Special Degree Course – Teaching English as a Second Language (04 years)
11. B.A. Special Degree Course -Pali (04 years)
12. B.A. Special Degree Course -Archaeology (04 years)
13. B.A. Special Degree Course -Buddhist Philosophy (4 years)
14. B.A. Special Degree Course -Buddhist & Civilization (04 years)
15. B.A. Special Degree Course -Geography (04 years)
16. B A. Special Degree Course -Anthropology (04 years)
17. B.A. Special Degree Course -Business Statistics (04 years)
18. B.A. Special Degree Course -Sanskrit (04 years)
19. B.A. Special Degree Course -Music (04 years)
20. B A, Special Degree Course -Dancing (04 years)
21. B.A. Special Degree Course -Sociology (04 years)
22. B.A .Special Degree Course -Sinhala (04 years)
23. B.A. Special Degree Course Social -Statistics (04 years)
24. B.A. Special Degree Course -Hindi (04 years)
25. B.Sc. in Business Statistics and Information Technology years (04 years)

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Faculty of Management Studies & Commerce

1.B.Com. (Special) Degree Programme (04 years)

2. B.Sc Marketing Management (Special) Degree Programme (04 years)
3. B.Sc Accounting (Special) Degree Programme
4. B.Sc Estate Management & Valuation (Special) Degree Programme (04 years)
5. B.Sc Human Resource Management (Special) Degree Programme (04 years)
6. B.Sc Finance (Special) Degree Programme  (04 years)
7. B.Sc operations and Technology Management (Special) Degree Programme (04 years)
8. B.Sc Public Management (special) Degree Programme (04 years)
9. B.Sc Entrepreneurship (special) Degree Programme (04 years)
10. B.Sc Business Information systems (special) Degree Programme(04 years)
11.B.Sc Business Administration Degree Programme – (Business Economics) (Special) Degree Programme (04 years)
12. B.Sc Business Administration (Special) Degree Programme (04 years)

Details of these degree programs (pdf)

Faculty of Applied Sciences

The Faculty of Applied Sciences conducts  B.Sc. General Degree program ( Three years ) and B.Sc. Special Degree program ( Four Years )

The  General degrees are offered  based on the three subjects given below.

  • Aquatic Science (AQS)
  • Biology
  • Botany (BOT)
  • Chemistry (CHE)
  • Computer Science (CSC)
  • Economics
  • Food Science and Technology (FST)
  • Environmental Management and Forestry (EMF)
  • Information and Communication Technology
  • Management Science (MAN)
  • Mathematics (MAT)
  • Physics (PHY)
  • Plant Biotechnology (PBT)
  • Polymer Science and Technology(PST)
  • Statistics (STA)
  • Zoology (ZOO)

First Degree Courses
1. B.sc. General Degree course (03 years)
2. B.Sc. Special Degree Course Food Science and Technology (04 years)
3. B.Sc. Special Degree Course Mierobiology (04 years)
4. B.Sc. special Degree course Mathematics (01 years)
5. B.Sc. Special Degree Course Aquatic Science (04 years)
6. B.Sc. Special Degree Course Computer Science (04 years)
7. B.Sc. Special Degree course Physics (04 years)
8. B.Sc. Special Degree Course chemistry (04 years)
9. B.Sc. Special Degree Course Environmental Management & Forestry (04 years)
10. B.Sc. Special Degree Course Plant Biology (04 years)
11. B.Sc. Special Degree Course Plant Biotechnology (04 years)
12 B.Sc. Special Degree Course Statistics (04 years)
13 B.Sc. Special Degree Course zoology (04 years)
14. B.Sc. Special Degree Course sports Science & Management (04 years)
15. B.Sc. (Honors) Degree course – Applied Science (04 years)
16. B.Sc. Degree Course – Biology (04 years)

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Faculty of Medical Sciences

First Degree Courses

1. MBBS course (05 years)
2. B.Sc. Nursing (Special) Degree course (04 years)
3. B.Sc. Nursing (General) Degree course (03 years)
4. Pharmacy (Special) Degree course (04 years)
5. Pharmacy (General) Degree course (03 years)
6. B.Sc. Medical Laboratory Seience (Special) Degree course (04 years)
7. B.Sc. Medical Laboratory Science (General) Degree course (03 years)
8. B.Sc. Human Biology (Special) Degree course (04 years)
9. B.Sc. Human Biology (General) Degree course (03 years)

MBBS study programme and Allied Sciences study programmes

Faculty of Technology

1. Bachelor of Engineering Technology in Enery and Environment (04 years)
2. Bachelor of Engineering Technology in Mechatronic (04 years)
3. Bachelor of Engineering Technology in Corstnaction& Building Services (04 years)
4. Bachelor of Engineering Technology in Archaeotechnology (04 years)
5. Bachelor of Biosystems Technology in Bio Process (04 years)
6. Bachelor of Biosystems Technology in Polymer Process (04 years)
7. Bachelor Information Communication Technology in Networking (04 years)
8. Bachelor of Information Communication Technology inSoftware (04 years)
9. Bachelor of Information Communication Technology in Multimedia (04 years)

Faculty of Engineering

Bachelor of the Science of Engineering
1. Specializations –
2. Civil Engineering (04 Years)
3. Computer Engineering (04 Years)
4. Electrical and Electronic Engineering (04 Years)

5. Mechanical Engineering (04 Years)

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