Univeristy of Sri Jayewardenepura was established by the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka under the provisions of Universities Act No 16 of 1978. It is an autonomous university established under the provisions of this Act and the following subsequent amending Acts.

Academic and administrative functions of the University as well as policy planning are taken by the Official Boards empowered under the University Act. The Administrative Council, Senate, Faculty Boards, and Post-graduate Academic Boards are the Officials Boards of the University.

Decisions of these Boards are put into effect by the various officers of the University.

Vice Chancellor’s Office

Registrar’s Office

Finance Division

Academic Establishment

Non. Academic Establishment

Capital Works

Academic Student Affairs, Publications and Examinations

General Administration

Designation Image Name Tel Office Fax e-mail
Registrar Mr. A.B Weliwita 0112802293/ 0112758204
Bursar Ms. K.T.C Priyangani 112758222 Extension 8221 112804168
Deputy Registrar/ Faculty of Technology Ms. T.M.H.P.K Gunathilaka 113438544
Deputy Registrar/ Academic Establishments Division Mr. E.K.N. Dharmarathne 112758206
Deputy Registrar/ Student Welfare Division Mr. M.N. Thalgahagoda 112803471 112803471
Deputy Registrar/ Faculty Medical Science Mrs. A.L.W. Amarathunga 0112881788 -Ext 4010
Deputy Registrar/ Faculty of Humanities & Social Science Mrs. H.K.S.D. Geeganage 112802611   0112758357
Deputy Internal Auditor Mr. Kolitha Bandara 112758214
Deputy Bursar/ Stores & Supplies Division Mrs. M.A.P.P. Chandradasa 0112758216 EXT 8216
Deputy Bursar/ Finance Division(Salaries & Loans) Ms. M.N. Suraweera 112804198 EXT 8879
Deputy Bursar/ Faculty of Humanities & Social Science Mrs. K.K.M.S.D.K Galkaduwa 011-2801103
Information System Manager / Centre for IT Services Mr. Harsha Munasinghe 011-2758759
Chief Medical Officer Dr. A.D.S. de Silva 112803199
Senior Assistant Registrar/ Academic Student Affairs, Publications and Examination Division Ms. Nishanthi Palangasinghe 112802136
Senior Assistant Registrar/ Faculty of Management Studies & Commerce Mrs. S.D.D  Hiranthi 112802095
Senior Assistant Registrar/ Legal & Documentation Division Mrs. A.C.D.R Peeris 112758208 112802191
Senior Assistant Bursar/ Faculty of Management Studies & Commerce Mr. K.J.M. Nandana 0112758000 Ext 3004
Senior Assistant Bursar/ Finance Division Ms. A.A.K.N. Ranasinghe 0112758222
Senior Assistant Bursar/ Finance Division Mr. K.W.N.V. Fernando 0112-804197 Ext 8223
Works Engineer/ Land & Buildings Unit Mr. O.A.W. Karunaratne 011-2801185    
Director/ Physical Education Division Mrs. N.N. Vidanage 0112803475, 0112758515  Ext-8515
Assistant Registrar/ Faculty of Management Studies & Commerce Ms. R.N. Neluwapathirana 0112758000 Ext 3003
Assistant Registrar/ Faculty of Graduate Studies Mrs. C. G Balasooriya 0115523642/0112758486
Assistant Registrar/ Non – academic Establishment Ms. W.A.V. Erandima 0112802754 / 0112758243 112802263
Assistant Registrar/ Establishment (Information & Services) Division Mrs. K.I. Malalgoda 0112802856/ 0112758294 112802847
Assistant Registrar/ Capital Works & Planning Mrs. E.K.M.C. Egodage 011-2758209/ 011-2803185
Assistant Registrar/ General Administration & Services Division Mrs. W.K.B.P. Lakshanthie 0112802819 / 0112758241
Assistant Registrar/ Faculty of Applied Sciences Mrs. A.A.Y. Abeysinghe
Assistant Registrar/ External Degrees & Extension Courses Unit Mrs. A.D.S. Samadaree 112802851
Assistant Registrar/ Faculty of Engineering Mrs. W.M.S. Madhuwanthi 0113041607/ 0112731582
Assistant Registrar/ Academic Establishment Mrs. V.B De Labroy      
Assistant Registrar/ Faculty of Allied Health Science Mrs. K. Pynthamil 0112803796 Ext 1631
Assistant Registrar/ VC’s Office Ms. Randula Karunarathne 112758201
Assistant Registrar/ Library Services Mrs. Y.D.A.D Perera 112758520
Assistant Bursar/ Faculty of Medical Sciences Mrs. M.G Kumbukage 011-2758000 Ext: 4040  / 011-2803952 011-2801077
Assistant Bursar/ External Degrees & Extension Courses Unit Mrs. G.W.L Priyanthika      
Assistant Bursar/ Faculty of Applied Sciences Mrs. M.D.D.U Dissanayake 011-2758397
Assistant Bursar/ Faculty of Engineering Mrs. H.M.S.H. Sandarenu 011-2731582 011-2731582
Statistician/ Establishments (Information & Services) Division Mr. B.P.T.S De Silva EXT. 1322
Curator/ Landscape Management Unit Mr. K.M.S. Weerasinghe 011-2802123
Chief Security Officer/ Security Services Mr. J.M.N.R. Jayasooriya 011-2803198

Designated officer & Information officers – (Right to Information Act)

  Name Designation Contact Details
Designated officer Mr. A.B. Welivita Registrar 011-2802293

Information Officer


Mrs. K.I. Malalgoda

Assistant Registrar/ Establishments Information & Services