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The Career Guidance Unit of the University of Sri Jayewardenepura has dedicated itself for developing career development skills in undergraduates following different degree programs. The annual “Touch The Peak” career fair is one of those programs specially scheduled for providing the students with an opportunity to interact with state and private sector organizations with the objective of developing required skills ,personality, qualities and getting employment opportunities. This program is not simply organized for introducing graduates to the world of work. It has number of objectives to be achieved. Specially the organizational task of the program is assigned to the students of the Career Skills Development Society, following training programs at the Career Guidance Unit. The members of the society are motivated to organize and carryout all the task of the career fair and to practice their organizational skills learnt at the class room. By successful completion of this program, students may develop number of soft skills which are useful for their future career development. On the other hand such a program provides the graduates with an opportunity to develop relationship with executive officials of companies and institutes. These programs will also contribute to the development of positive image of the University as invited companies and other institutes can have a face to face interaction with graduates and lecturers at the University premises. So the career fair is beneficial to the participating companies to develop a link with the university and identify suitable future employees. Through that link, companies can contribute to the continuous development of career oriented programs of the university. Eventually this important event enhances the reputation of our university too.



The Career Guidance Unit of the University of Sri Jayewardenepura is the formal unit of the university which is dedicated for providing training in the field of career development and preparing undergraduates for employment opportunities and entrepreneurship. The Career Guidance Unit annually organizes a Job Fair to introduce graduates to the world of work while providing them with an opportunity to face real interviews at the university premises and thereby to develop their personality through that experience. The Career Guidance Unit is well aware of the problems that graduates are facing such as finding a suitable career opportunity in this competitive job market. It is with this understanding, the unit invites employers of private sector and institutions to interview our graduates for job opportunities available in their organizations.


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