Invenção – Innovative Idea Competition and Webinar Series.

February 1
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Invenção; innovative idea competition and a webinar series following the competition is organized by the Physics Society of the University of Sri Jayewardenepura in collaboration with the Sri Lanka Inventors Commission.
  • The competition is open for all the undergraduates and postgraduates in the Faculty of Applied Sciences.
  • This competition consists of 2 rounds. Individuals or groups with a maximum of 3 members are eligible to participate.
  • All teams and individuals can be pre-registered via on or before 25th February 2022.
  • In the 1st round, all individuals/teams should submit the application and all required materials via on or before 28th February 2022.
  • Competitors should prepare an Idea Proposal (PDF format) adhere to the format given on the website about their innovation idea to be submitted with the application form.
  • An introductory 3-minute video (.mp4 format) describing your idea when filing your application (Max. 30MB with resolution 720p) should be uploaded. It should describe your innovative idea briefly with relevant information of related field, practicability, procedure, resource requirements etc.
  • Don’t insert any names and affiliations in the video.
  • The above two files should be renamed using your name with initials (eg: HSK Perera). For the group, competitors should rename with initials of the group leader_G (eg: HSK Perera_G) For group competitions, only the group leader must submit the document and fill the application with the details of the group members.

All submissions will be judged by an expert judge panel from academia and industry. Competitors’ innovative ideas and concepts will be kept private and confidential. In the final round, the finalists will present their innovative idea followed by the Q&A session with the judging panel.

Evaluation Criteria 
• In all aspects the invention should be strong and reliable.
• The product should not be a threat to any living being.
• Models or ideas of existing products or working processes won’t be accepted.
• Products or ideas obtained from the internet should be referenced and proper modifications
should be made to make sure the product or the idea is your own.
• Novelty of the invention/innovative idea presented.
• Accuracy of the design and procedure.
• The instruments and techniques used to improve the productivity of the invention.
• The ability to make the idea into a reality.
• Estimated budge.
• Registration opens: 24th January onwards
• Virtual webinars: 1st, 2nd and 3rd February
• Deadline for the idea submissions: 28th February
• Announcement of 1st round winners: 30th March
• Presentations and Q&A session for the final round: 20th April
Certificates & awards converting an idea to a product
❖ The best three innovative ideas are entitled to award the grants from Sri Lanka Inventors Commission to convert an idea into a product. The selected groups/individuals are responsible to find the academic mentors so that the grant would be issued through the permanent lecturer.
❖ The plaques will be given to the best three innovative ideas.
❖ A valuable certificate will be given to the final round of selected groups/individuals.
❖ A valuable e-certificate will be given to all other qualified participants.
The webinar will be as follows: 
1st February – Introduction to Invencao
2nd February – Path to Successful innovation – Webinar 1
3rd February –  Path to Successful Innovation – Webinar 2 
The Zoom link is provided below. Note that the same link will be available throughout the webinar Series.

Webinar Zoom Meeting link

Meeting ID: 686 9859 5478

Passcode: !0B1HBnv

Useful links

Event website –
Pre-registration –
Proposal submission –
Facebook page –
Youtube link –
Email –

An overview of the webinar and the competitions will be attached below in PDF format.

For further information. contact;

1) H. Nimna Sandali Peiris
Event Coordinator
Telephone: 077-4004553

2) Menaka Madhusanka
Event Coordinator
Telephone: 071-7576571




February 1