Examinations Division

Welcome to the official website of the Examinations Division of the University of Sri Jayewardenepura.  All the internal examination affairs of the following Faculties are coordinated by the Examinations Division.

  1. Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences
  2. Faculty of Management Studies and Commerce
  3. Faculty of Applied Sciences
  4. Faculty of Technology

The necessary notifications at the time of each examination, the rules and instructions regarding conducting of written examinations are carried out by us. Furthermore, Convocations for all degrees are planned and organized by the Academic, Student Affairs & Publication Division and the Examinations Division.

The following examination rules must be observed by all candidates when sitting for University examinations.

Examination Rules and Regulations /Irregularities and Punishments


Issuing Academic Transcripts

For the degree holders who have completed their degrees before mentioned dates of the following Faculties are issued by the Examinations Division


  1. Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences –           Before 01st May 2008
  2. Faculty of Management Studies and Commerce –           Before 01st January 2005
  3. Faculty of Applied Sciences-       Before 01st January 2020


Payments and other details

Transcript Category Handing over to the Applicant Local Postage Fee (For one mailing address) Foreign Postage Fee (For one mailing address)
Transcript/Detailed Results Sheet Rs. 500/-  (Rs. 500/- for each additional) Rs. 45/- Rs. 310/-


Payments should be credited to the University Account No: 097 -1001-6-2315454 People’s Bank, Gangodawila, Nugegoda, Sri Lanka.

Applicants are kindly requested to forward the duly filled Application Form (Download Application Form) and scanned copy of the Bank Receipt via exams.sci@sjp.ac.lk to the Examinations Division. An e-mail will be forwarded to the Applicant after processing the transcript and the transcript (Only with Grades) can be collected at the Examination Division of the university by producing original of the Application Form and the original copy of the Bank Receipt.

If the Applicant wishes to send this certificate to a Local or Foreign Institute/s, the duly filled Application Form and Bank Receipt should be posted or handed over to the following address:

Senior Asst. Registrar, Examinations Division, University of Sri Jayewardenepura, Gangodawila, Nugegoda.


Issuing Degree Certificates

Applicants should submit their National Identity Card and the Student Record Book (without any dues) to the Examinations Division to collect the Degree Certificate. A passport or Driving License and a certified copy of the Birth Certificate can also be considered for degree holders who do not have a NIC.

Applicants who are unable to be present at the Examinations Division to collect Degree Certificate should submit an Affidavit or a document indicating the Power of Attorney and he or she may authorize a person to collect the Degree Certificate on behalf of the degree holder. However, a certified copy of the NIC of the person who comes to collect the Certificate should be submitted to the Examinations Division.

Applicants should submit an Affidavit, a Police Report and GS Certificate to reissue a copy of the Degree Certificate for misplaced Degree Certificate. University will charge an amount of Rs.5000/- as a processing fee for this Certificate.


L.L. Wasantha Perera
Deputy Registrar (Examinations)
University of Sri Jayewardenepura
Tel: 094112802136
Fax: 094112802186
E-mail: exams.sci@sjp.ac.lk