Courses – Faculty of Management Studies and Commerce

Faculty of Management Studies and Commerce


Accounting BScHons (Acc)
Business Administration BScHons (Bus Admin)
Business Economics BScHons (Bus Admin) (Bus Ec)
Business Information Systems BScHons (Bus Inf Sys)
Commerce BComHons
Entrepreneurship BScHons (Entr)
Estate Management & Valuation BScHons (Estate Mgt & Valuation)
Finance BScHons (Fin)
Human Resource Management BScHons (Human Resource Management
Marketing Management BScHons (Mktg Mgt)
Operations & Technology Management BScHons (Operations and Tech Mgt)
Management (Public) Honours BScHons (Mgt Pub)


Post graduate

MBA/MSc in Management Degree Programme
M.Sc. in Applied Finance
M.Sc. in Real Estate Management & Valuation
Master of Entrepreneurship (MEntr.)
Master of Public Management (MPM.)
Master of Professional Accounting (MPAcc.)
Master of Science in Public Policy Management (MPPM)
Master of Business Economics (MBE.)
Master of Philosophy in Business economics (MPhil)
Postgraduate Diploma in applied Finance
Postgraduate diploma in Marketing Management


Diploma and Certificate Programs

Diploma in Marketing Management
Diploma in Public Management
Diploma in Entrepreneurial Business Management
Certificate course in Data Analysis
Certificate in Entrepreneurial Business Management