YouthEvalC is an Emerging Evaluator Community program which includes the youth, the stakeholders and the professionals in the field of evaluation. We hope to improve the participation and the contribution of youth in sustainable development through their knowledge and experience in evaluation. We have designed a set of activities in order to improve capacity building in the evaluation and to support the dissemination of evaluation among the youth

For Whom

People below 30 years or for those who having a less than 3 year experience in evaluation

Recent university graduates and the under graduates

New evaluators who have just entered the evaluation field

Youth who are interested in joining the evaluation profession

Young stakeholders

Our Aim

To promote evaluation culture among the youth

To promote evaluation as a profession in the upcoming generations

To produce experienced and skill full young evaluators to carryout high quality evaluations

o improve the participation of youth in evaluations conducted in various levels all over the world.