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Hockey is one of the most esteemed sports around the world. It includes fans of all ages due to its team spirit and diversity of types in game i.e. men’s hockey, women’s hockey, ice hockey etc. Beside this fact, there are various grand international tournaments, which grab interest of the sports lovers.



Hockey has been around for about 4000 years. Early Egypt can be considered as its birth place. Word hockey, however, was recorded in 1363. Modern hockey evolved, when firstly, it was played in the public schools of England. The first hockey club came into being in 1849, at Blackheath South East London, UK.

The process of development continued when Hockey Association was constituted in 1886 and the First International Hockey Match was played in 1895. An international hockey board was formed further in 1900. In 1928, hockey officially entered into the Olympics.

Women hockey faced many challenges from its beginning in 1887. It was not under the supervision of a single organizational body until 1927, when International Federation of Women Hockey Association (I.F.W.H.A) was formed. Finally, the women hockey entered into the Olympics in 1980.


The game is played to outwit the opponent during a 90-minutes’ time, by hitting the ball into the opponent’s goal post from the shooting circle. The team scoring more goals, wins.