Guide to Undergraduate students at University of Sri Jayewardenapura

University Life is different from your School years

University education is different than the school education where principal used to give updates of everything important during the morning assembly. All the important information for the university students are available in dean’s office of the department, in public notice boards and in the university website ““.

Student Hand Book

Students will get the university students’ handbook which is in 3 different languages and which contains all the information students will need during the 3 or 4 years spending as university students. Under the student affairs section, the information about student registration, issuing of student identity cards and information about the convocation is included.

Welfare Division

Under the student welfare division information about hostel facilities, hostel registration, hostel rules and regulations, mahapola scholarship, bursary, student relief fund, student counselling are included. Under the student discipline section information about the disciplinary board, general advice for the students and information about the banned act of ragging are included.

Library Facilities

The library is another important section of the university. Registering in the library, instructions on library use, opening hours of the library are also included.

English and IT training for Undergraduates

And the English and computer training for the students are provided by the respective departments.
Department of English Language Teaching / Center for IT Services 


Under the physical education section, there are more than 25 sports including cricket, volleyball, athletics, netball, and swimming.
Department of Sports Science / Department of Physical Education 

Student Societies

The faculty union, university students’ council, Buddhist society, cultural societies, environmental society, art society are some of the societies for university students.

Cultural Center

The cultural centre helps students to improve their singing, dancing, acting talents.