The University has 28 hostels to offer for accommodation. Some of these hostels are located within the university premises while others are situated in close-by areas. The total capacity of these hostels can provide accommodation up to 37% of the student population.

First and third year students are given priority in the selection process in order to be of more assistance to their studies. One and half months before the end each academic year, you will be informed about your hostel facilities for the next year.

Hostels are administered simultaneously by two senior members of the academic staff and fulltime sub-wardens. In addition there are other part-time sub-wardens appointed from the academic staff to help administration further. Hostels are equipped with able staff to handle daily services.

A set of rules and regulations are lined up for students to abide by. These are to be followed with utmost attention which benefits both students and the university.

Common conditions and rules and regulations for residential students.

Boys’ Hostel



Hostel Selected List for 2016 

Hostles located within the University premises

Hostels Located outside the University premises


Girls’ hostel





Dr. Gamini Ranasinghe
(Snr.Lecturer Dept. of History & Archaeology)
Male hostels
Dr. (Mrs.) T.Sugandhika Suresh
(Snr.Lecturer Dept. of Bio-Chemistry)
Female hostels

Full-time sub-wardens
01. Mr. K.A.M.U. Attanayake   –      Wimaladharma Hostel
23 Piriwena Road Hostel
93/2, Pasal Mawatha Hostel
Wata Mawatha Hostel

02. Mr. Ranjith Abeyawarna  –         70/2, Raththanapitya Hostel
42/2, 42/2B University Mawatha Hostel
Prof. Hettiarachchi Hostel

03. Mr. Samantha Priyadarshana – Sirigal Mawatha Medical Faculty Hostel
Prof. Jinadasa Perera Hostel
Prof. Hettiarachchi Hostel

04. Mr. Athula Gunarathna –            76, Wanatha Road Hostel
62/4, Sucharitha Mawata Hostel
Prof. Kotagama Vachchissara Hostel

05. Mrs. Suneetha Kottegoda –          Dr. Wimala de Silva Ladies Hostel

06. Mrs. P.T.T.I. Barathi –                  Sri Soratha Female Hostel
54. Wanatha Road Female Hostel
Kapuwattha Road Hostel

07. Mrs. Ishani Prasadika –              Dharmapala Female Hostel

New Female (Soratha Dharamapala) Hostel

08. Mrs. B.G.A.P. Kariyawasam –    Sri Rahula Female Hostel
Kalubowila Medical Faculty Female Hostel
136, Wanatha Road Female Hostel
27 2nd Lane Hostel
29, 2nd Lanne Hostel
26 Wathtegedara, Maharagama

09. Mrs. Jasmin Karunarathne –    Euro Lanka Hostel

Part-time Hostel Sub – wardens

Rev. Kandagolle Gnana –  Temporary Demonstrator Dept. of Language and Cultural – Bhikkhu Hostel
Rev. P. Amarawansa – Temporary Demonstrator Dept. of Sinhala &Mass.Com. – Bhikkhu Hostel
Rev. H. Sugathwansa – Temporary Demonstrator Dept. of Pali & Buddhist – Bhikkhu Hostel
Rev. M. Dammasiri  – Temporary Demonstrator Dept. of Pali & Buddhist  – Bhikkhu Hostel
Rev. N. Mettananda –  Temporary Demonstrator Dept. of Pali & Buddhist – Bhikkhu Hostel
Miss. A.J.M.C.J.W. Karunasena – Temporary Demonstrator Dept. of Political Science – Dharmapala
Miss. M.P.D.S. Udayangani – Temporary Demonstrator Dept. of Pali & Buddhist-  Soratha Dharmapala
Miss. W.W.W.A.N. Iwantika – Temporary Demonstrator Dept. of Sinhala & Mass com. – Dr. Wimala de silva
Miss. W.I. Ekanayake – Temporary Lecturer English Language Teaching Unit – Dr. Wimala de Silva
Miss. N.P. Shashi Niroshini – Temporary Demonstrator Dept. of Sinhala & Mass com. – Soratha
Mr. S.D.R. Gunasekara – Lecturer Dept. of Political Science – 76, Wanatha Rd.
Mr. Sepala Samarasekara – Senior Lecturer Sociology & Anthropology – Prof. Hettiarachchi
Miss. Champika Mawahtage – Temporary Demonstrator Dept. of History and Archeology – Dr. Wimala de Silava
Miss. J.A.D.R. Jayakody – Temporary Demonstrator Dept. of Geography – Rahula
Miss. S.W. Wijewardena – Temporary Demonstrator Dept. of Physics – Euro Lanka
Miss. N.P.W.D.D. Rodrigo – Temporary Demonstrator Dept. of Physics – Dharmapala
Miss. K.B.E. Chathurika – Temporary Demonstrator Dept. of Zoology – Dr. Wimala de Silva



The university has a chain of canteens. They are located within faculties and also in other areas. The welfare division supervises the quality and hygiene of the food and the cleanliness of the canteens. A variety of food and beverages can be obtained for very reasonable prices.

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