Hostels – Rules and regulations for residential students

Common conditions and rules and regulations for residential students.

1. Resident students should occupy the rooms assigned to them and should not change rooms without the permission of the sub-wardens.

  1. Special permit issued to occupy the relevant room of the hostels should be kept safely and produced whenever necessary.
  2. Prior to taking over the room, each student is expected to check the goods in the room and its condition and sign the register. All students occupying the rooms will be jointly and severally responsible for the contents of rooms.
  3. Any goods handed over should not be removed from the hostel. Any other goods, though permitted within university premises, should not be admitted to rooms.
  4. Furniture, equipment, lamps, wires, walls doors and windows in the rooms should not be damaged or defaced. Any such damages will be charged for. (cost + fine of 25% of cost)
  5. In case of leaving the hostel, due to vacations, sudden closure or any other reason, keys of the rooms and other goods are to be personally handed over to the sub-wardens. All personal belongings should be removed and almirahs and cupboards should be left unlocked.
  6. Fixed equipment at common areas must be carefully used.
  7. Residents are required to use a bed sheet or a mat to cover the mattress provided.
  8. It is advised that students maintain silence and discipline within hostel premises and be attentive not to make any disturbance to others.
  9. All resident students must be appropriately dressed whenever they are in common areas of the hostel or visiting the offices.
  10. Identity cards issued by the University, are to be kept in possession and be produced whenever necessary.