Medical Centre and Medical Facilities

Medical Center consist of a Chief Medical Officer, four Medical Officers, Dental Surgeon, StaffNurses and Pharmasist.

Medical centre is opened from 8.00 a.m. to 4.00 p.m. and patients are treated during this period. Dental surgery is opened during week days from 8.30 a.m. to 3.30 p.m. Medical facilities are provided to students and staff of the University. Following are the important points to be followed in obtaining medical facilities.

1. All students entering the university shoyld submit his/her medical history sheet to the medical centre within two weeks form receving the registration number. this will be necessary to register at the \medical Centre and obtain treatment from the
Medical Centre.

2. Students who require an appointment to see the Medical Officer will be required to register at the counter. If not for urgent treatment, students can obtain a suitable time according to the time available.


Instructions for students who are not attending lectures for a long time on medical grounds.

3. Students who not attending lectures for a long time should obtain an approval from the medical officer through a medical certificate. Students who are not in a position to see the medical officer because of illness should submit a medical certificate from the District Medical Offic’er of the residential area within one month. If the period of absence is less than one month, the student should submit the medical certifice as soon as the period is over. Private medical certificates or medical certificate from Ayrveda practioners will not be accepted. Students receiving treatment from private medical practitioners and Ayrveda practitioners should meet the University Medical Officer and get their medical certificate approved. Students who are re-registering for examinations on medical grounds and not attending lectures/practical classes these medical certificates will be very necessary in calculating their percentage of attendance. Late submission of medical certificate for examination purposes are given under 9.6.

4.There is an ambulance for health service transportation. This ambulance will be available to take critically ill students to the hospital during the period the medical centre is kept open.

5. During the peiod the Medical Centre is closed the University has made arrangements to provide the ambulance service to students if necessity arises to take a student to hospital in an emergancy. To obtain such facilities please refer under 5.4 (8) (Special Rules for Resident students – Medical treatment) of the Student Welfare service.

6. Facilities have been provided through medical centre to obtain psychological treatment for students. Educational mental or physical advice is available here and this facility is open for employees too.



Dr. S. De Silva
Chief Medical Officer
Medical Health Centre
University of Sri Jayewardenepura
Telephone: 0112803199 or 0718184208

Supporting students with mental health conditions

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