Religious and cultural Organisations

Art circle

University Art Circle is the organisation responsible for Art and cultural activities of the University. It is identified by the University of Sri Jayewardenepura as the Art Circle of the University of Sri Jayewardenepura.

Art Circle consist of 40 members and Vice-Chancellor appoints them in December each year for the ensuing year. It will be divided among Academic, Nonacademic staff and students in the following manner.

(a) Sixteen permanent members of the academic staff who are interested in Arts.

(b) Senior Assistant Registrar (Student Welfare Branch)-or other officer of the student Welfare Branch including 12 other members of the non-academic staff who are interested in Arts.

(c) 12 Students who are interested in arts.


Art Circle has the following objectives.

1. To assist and improve the cultural and aesthetic values of the University .
2 . To improve the task of arts and development of merit among the University community.

In order to achive the objectives the art circle organises drama and music, exhibitions, lectures, discussions, seminars and competitions.

Office Bearers.

1. President 2. Secretary
3. Senior Treasurer 4. Junior Treasurer

Of those posts President and Senior Treasurer are held by member of the academic staff. Secre~ post goes to the representative of the Student Welfare Branch by virtue of office. The post of Junior Treasurer will be a member the non-academic staff.

To organise any Arts or Cultural event, by the student unions, it will be necessary obtain the approval of the President or Senior Treasurer. In order to obtain a hall for the event, a prescribed form obtainable from the Student Welfare Branch has to be filled and obtain the approval of the President or the Senior Treasurer. Permission of the relevant Dean is also necessary.

Any programme organised by the student where money is to be charged, the entry ticket should bear the signature and the official seal of the Secretary. It will be prohibited to sell tickets without the seal. In such programmes three complementary tickets should be given to the Student Welfare Branch to supervise such programmes. Every programme where money is to be collected 10% of earnings should be handed over to the Treasure and a receipt should be obtained. It is the responsibility of the students or student societies to adhere to this requirement. Examination results of the responsible students will be withheld till all the accoUnts are settled.

It will be mandatory to obtain approval of the Art Circle when events are organised by students ~thout the involvement of societies. Before such programmes are organised it will be necessary to discuss with President, Treasurer and Secretary and obtain approval.

Details of the Art circle can be obtained from the President Dr. Praneeth Abhayasundara, senior lecturer of the Department of Sociology and Anthropology or Secretary Senior Assistant Registrar(Student Welfare Branch).

Cultural Centre.

In order to safe guard and further development of indigenous culture and ethics, this centre is located at the University of Sri Jayewardenepura under the auspices of the Ministry of Cultural and National Heritage. Management of the cultural centre is by the officer in charge of the centre and full supervision of the
President of the Art Circle.

All University cultural activities and connected research activities and giving cooperation to these matters are the main functions of the centre. Training programmes required for this purpose are conducted daily by consultants who are competent in various subjects. Students of the four faculties, academic and non-academic staff and their
children are the beneficiaries. The Ministry of Cultural and National Heritage gives the full cooperation to implement these activities.

Personal development of University students solutions to their problems are also done through counselling.