Student Councils

Provision of the University Act

The provision of the University Act. 16 of 1978 as amended by Universities (Amendment) Act No .. 07 of 1985 and Act No 26 of 1988 on Student Councils, Faculty Students Unions are given below. ( Provisions No. 1 p, 114, and 117 have· been removed under amendments)

University student council, Faculty union etc.

(1)Each Higher Educational Institute shall have a student council, its composition and the duties and functions should be specified under the sub section of the Act (see below)

(2) Each Higher Educational Institute shall have a Faculty Union, its composition and duties and functions should be specified under the sub-section of the act.

(3) Procedure for selection of office bearers for (1) and (2) above and the election procedure and duties and functions of the office bearers should be decided by the governing authorities of the Higher Educational Institute concerned through By Laws

Recognition of certain Unions societies and other Associations.

(1) A society fonned by any Higher educational Institute with an objective to promote academic and social activities which consists of only students of that Institute can be acceptable to that Higher Educational Institute.

(2) Registration procedure, duties, functions and the duties and function of the officers of accepted societies under (1) should be decided by By-Laws of the governing authorities of the Higher educational Institute concerned.


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