Bhikku Society

Formation of the society was approved by the Council of the University of Sri Jayewardenepura at its 184 meeting.

The objectives of the Bhikku society are as follows:

1. To help and improve external activities in addition to educational activities of the bhikkus.

2. To work towards the welfare of bhikkus of the University.

3. To conduct lectures and seminars within the University to promote Buddhist and cultural activities within the University.

4. In working towards common aims, to cooperate with organisations that have the same objectives as of the Bhikku society.

S. To work towards the development of peace and harmony within the University community.

6. Face day to day problems and achieve the responsibilities of the young bhikkus.

Bhikku society of the University is a non-political independent organisation and all University Bhikku teachers are patrons of Bhikku society.