Buddhist Society

Objectives of the Buddhist society are given below:

1 Following high Buddhist traditions and safe guarding ethics in the University and whole society and up lifting Buddhist traditions.

2. To develop harmony among teachers, students and employees.

3. Cooperate with local and foreign Buddhist societies.

4. To develop a liking towards buddhist way of life by conducting lectures and seminars.

5. To make an attempt to build a future generation of learned and good qualities.

6. To encourage thinking as a buddhist and follow the buddhist way of life and reap the benefits of buddhist values.

7. To attempt to solve the problems by giving priority to discipline as stated by Lord Buddha.

Any academic, non-academic or students can obtain the membership of the Buddhist Society.

The executive committee of the Buddhist Society should consist of 18 students representing all faculties, 10 members of the academic staff and 7 members of the nonacademic staff. Bhikkus of the academic staff, Vice-Chancellor and all Deans of the faculties will be patrons of the society by virtue of office.

Office of the Buddhist society is located at the first floor left of the Sumangala Building.