Now you can watch video lessons and download pdf files on 2016 A/L Model Papers compiled by University Professors and Lecturers. You can access to these lessons in University of sjp Open learning platform (learn.sjp.ac.lk). A/L 2016 Model Papers – Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics A/L 2016 Combined Mathematics  Model Paper by Kapila Silva A/L 2016 Biology by Prof...
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Open learning al model papers 2015
Model papers prepared by Academics of University of Sri Jayewardenepura can be downloaded from Open Learning platform of the University. http://www.sjp.ac.lk/sites/openlearn/course/al-2015-exam-model-paper-discussions/   A/L Combinef Mathematics Model Papers by Kapila Silva, Lecturer, Department of Mathematics http://www.sjp.ac.lk/sites/openlearn/lesson/model-paper-al-2015-combined-mathematics/download-al-2015-mathematics/ A/L Biology Model Papers by Prof. Hiran Amarasekera,  Department of Forestry and Environment Science http://www.sjp.ac.lk/sites/openlearn/lesson/al-2015-biology/ A/L Economics Model Paper by...
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