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The batch of 83/84 of Japura recently took an initiative in awarding a number of deserving students of the university showcasing not only goodwill towards their place of education but also the strength and far-reaching capacity of the alumni of the university if and when united.

The awarding ceremony took place on the 4th November 2016 at the Faculty of Post Graduate Studies with the presence of the Vice Chancellor of the university Prof. Sampath Amaratunge; who himself is a part of this batch, and many other lecturers and officials of the Welfare unit together with members of batch 83/84.

The students who were granted the respective scholarships were selected under the following criterion,

  • Is the student a receiver of any other scholarship programme (with special consideration on student financial facilities provided by the government, hostel facilities, unfortunate economic conditions)
  • Number of siblings currently enrolled in the education system
  • Income of the family
  • Vital status of the parents
  • Notable Medical conditions of the parents
  • The number of family members sponsored by the parents
  • Certified copy by the Grama Niladhari/Divisional Secretary

The number of scholarships granted were as follows,

  • Batch of 83/84 – 14 scholarships
  • Batch of 83/84 together with Hayleys – 30 scholarships
  • Batch of 83/84 together with SLT Mobitel – 12 scholarships
  • Batch of 83/84 together with Lanka Walltiles PLC – 4 scholarships
  • Asoka Hettigoda – 3 scholarships
  • J.C Weliamuna – 3 scholarships
  • Late Mr. and Mrs. S.K Nethananda – 2 scholarships
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