May 1, 2015


Haritha wasanthaya New Year Festival girls
Haritha Wasanthaya  හරිත වසන්තය 2015 was held on 30th of April 2015 at Department of Forestry and Environment Science of the Faculty of Applied Science. සංවිධානය වන හා පාරිසරික විද්‍යා අධ්‍යනාංශය-ශ්‍රී ජයවර්ධනපුර විශ්වවිද්‍යාලය Photographed by Dhnanjaya Bandara Attanayaka Japura Flames
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104th commemoration of the Ven. Hikkaduwe Sri Sumangala Thero was held at the University premises on 29th April 2015.
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