April 5, 2017


It is with the greatest sadness that I announce the heartbreaking news of the death of our teacher, colleague and friend, Professor Dharmasena de Silva – the founding Dean of the Faculty of Management Studies & Commerce of the University of Sri Jayewardenepura. He passed away a few days ago in the United States of...
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In the first part of this post we discussed Sinhala and Hindu New Year as Traditional and Cultural Festival. In this post we discuss Sinhala and Hindu New Year Rituals. New Year Rituals Amunugama (1990) divides the New Year rituals for four different parts. The old year The interim period between the ‘Old’ and the ‘New’...
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Haritha wasanthaya new year
The Sinhala and Hindu New Year has been one of the annual and seasonal events but the exact beginning of it is buried in the history. History of Sinhala and Hindu New Year In 1885 the British Colonial rulers have announced this as a holiday. Science then, even though there were many successive administrative changes,...
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