Book Donation to the Library of the Faculty of Engineering

A representative group from the Association of Sri Lankan Graduates from Socialist Countries (ASLGSC) donates a collection of books to the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Sri Jayewardenepura on 15th May 2018.  Group was included the President of ASLGSC, Dr. Anil Jasinghe and several members of their Executive Committee. At the faculty premises, these books were donated to Dr. Akila Subasunghe, Dean of the Faculty in the presence of several Heads of Departments.

This event was facilitated by Prof. Ranjith Arthenayake. During the meeting held prior to the donation with the representatives of the ASLGSC it was revealed that the books have been received by them from one of their members residing in the US. The prospect of receiving more such donations too has been indicated during the discussion.

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