How to Avoid Abortions – A guide to University students

Avoid Abortions, Avoid Complications.

Abortion by Dr Shantha

What is an Abortion?

It the process of removing a fetus before 28 weeks of pregnancy; which is currently a sensational but serious topic of discussion debated on socio-cultural and religious forums.

An abortion could take place due to both natural and intentional influences; the latter being the complex one since it is illegal, unsafe and ‘unrighteous’ according to local socio-political norms, hence creating a need for education, awareness and serious discussion of the matter in order to avoid such instances.

Abortions in Sri Lanka

What qualifies as an illegal, unsafe abortion?

According to the legal system in Sri Lanka, an abortion is recognized on legal forums only if the pregnancy is to affect the mother’s life.  All conditions beyond this realm are considered illegal. Thus an illegal, unsafe or rather ‘unjust’ abortion is one which is conducted with no medical nor natural reasoning but one that is purely based on one’s own personal choice influenced by either the pregnant lady itself or other external socio-cultural forces.

Even though the law at present does not acknowledge the mother’s educational, social or psychological position which may drive them towards a decision as such, there is an ongoing debate which favors this rule to be reconsidered and altered up to a certain extent. However since no such measures are legalized as yet, we should be aware of the consequences that entail an illegal abortion.

Why are illegal abortions ‘unsafe’?

  • Illegal abortions are conducted in secret at unauthorized institutions which most of the time would not be equipped with a qualified team of medical officers capable of performing such a sensitive operation.
  • Entrusting the’ black market’ with such great responsibility could result in fatal conditions such as, profuse bleeding or unbearable pain due to negligence, germs entering the bloodstream and creating further complications such as Septicemia and quite frequently even death.
  • Many aspects are taken into consideration when conducting even the most simplest of operations generally. We ensure that the environment and equipment are free of germs and other bacteria etc. Therefore it is questionable if such standards are maintained at substandard institutions as such.
  • On the long run, these could even lead to STD’s if the equipment are not fully sterilized.

Hence it is clear that avoiding such uneducated decisions are the better option. Thus it is important that the youth are aware of reproductive health.

What if my relationship is a ‘done deal’?

Even if you believe your relationship strong enough to stand the test of time, avoid extreme physical intimacy and if by any chance it does transcend to physically intimate levels, use protective measures.

If however you do conceive a child, encounter the matter at its earliest stages because the more time passes, the more complicated your situation will grow into; therefore speak to the necessary people and be aware of what your options are.

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Your life is precious, priceless and irreplaceable therefore even though suicide may appear as your best and only solution, it never is and never will be. If you are at a crucial juncture of your life, Speak to the Right People from the Right Institutions and be informed. Knowledge is power so live with Wisdom and Celebrate the Beauty of Life!

by Dr. Shantha Hettiarachchi, Chief Medical Officer of the University of Sri Jayewardenepura

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