Master of Commerce Program – 2024 Intake

The main objectives of MCom Programme are to;

  • Enhance student’s conceptual, applied and research skills pertaining to diverse disciplines under commerce.
  • Develop managerial skills and other competencies that are necessary to solve problems and challenges in the complex business environment.
  • To develop their decision making skills in routine and special activities especially in the fields of financial, trade and commerce areas.
  • Promote graduates to further continue their lifelong learning and learning to experience in their careers.

Other objectives of MCom Programme;

  • Impart the students with a higher level of knowledge and understanding in commerce and business.
  • Prepare students to analyze business opportunities, environmental factors that influence business through financial data interpretation.
  • Prepare students to apply statistical methods and proficient use of tools to analyze business data.
  • Enhance students understanding of investment decision making, portfolio management, investment banking and liquidation of investments.
  • Train the students on teamwork, lifelong learning to learn and continuous professional development.

Programme Outcomes/ Graduate Profile

A graduate of MCom degree would be able to understand conventional as well as contemporary areas in the discipline of Commerce, who is well versed in national as well as international trends where he/she possess an in-depth understanding of all the core areas in commerce including Advanced Accounting, Economics, Management, International Trade and Financing, Banking and Assurance, Digital Commerce and Research Methodology.

Learning outcomes:

A graduate of this programme should be able to;

PLO 01: Demonstrate a critical and thorough understanding of theoretical knowledge of managing the business with special focus on accounting, economics, marketing, human resource management, business management, business law, entrepreneurship, digital commerce, banking and assurance, international trade and finance.

PLO 02: Develop creative and innovative decision making skills through understanding of various analysis methods learned under economics, accounting and finance, management, statistics, entrepreneurship, information technology, e-commerce, and practical application of these knowledge in the business context.

PLO 03: Become an excellent team member and the ability to lead a team with excellent leadership skills.

PLO 04: Demonstrate effective communication skills both academically and in their practice as managers.

PLO 05: Conduct independent and sustained research in their chosen area and ability to make effective business decisions.

PLO 06:  Demonstrate lifelong learning to learn and continuous professional development.

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