USJ Researchers published 32 Scopus Indexed papers in May 2022

Researchers from Science, Medical, Technology, Engineering, Management and Graduate Studies Faculties published Thirty-Two research papers in Journals indexed by Elsevier Scopus during the month May2022. Thirty-five researchers from USJ contributed to this achievement. The web publishing team of the University of Sri Jayewardenepura acknowledges their contribution to upgrading the research standards of the University and expanding the knowledge base in the relevant subject areas.

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Document Title Authors Year Source
A comprehensive health risk assessment and groundwater quality for irrigation and drinking purposes around municipal solid waste sanitary landfill: A case study in Morocco El Fadili, H., Ben Ali, M., El Mahi, M., Cooray, A.T., Mostapha Lotfi, E. 2022 Environmental Nanotechnology, Monitoring and Management, 18, art. no. 100698.
A novel route to synthesize metal titanium phosphate ceramic pigments: Co, Ni, and Cu-incorporated α-Ti(HPO4)2⋅H2O from ilmenite Perera, L., Palliyaguru, L., Dhanushka, L.D., (…), Dulanjalee, R.K., Jayaweera, P.M. 2022 Ceramics International.
Adoption of hygienic practices in selected fish markets along the fish supply chain, in Sri Lanka Edirisinghe, S.K., Wickramasinghe, I., Wansapala, M.A.J., Warahena, A.S.K. 2022 Food Research, 6(2), pp. 374-382.
An evolutionary model propounding Anopheles double resistance against insecticides Suandi, D., Wijaya, K.P., Amadi, M., (…), Syafruddin, D., Soewono, E. 2022 Applied Mathematical Modelling, 106, pp. 463-481.
An Innovative Telemedicine Initiative From Sri Lanka: The Value of Volunteerism in a Resource-Constrained Scenario During the COVID-19 Pandemic Karunathilake, I., Edirisinghe, S., Weerasinghe, M., (…), Sumathipala, A., Abeykoon, P. 2022 Asia-Pacific Journal of Public Health.
Antiviral effects of deoxynojirimycin (DNJ)-based iminosugars in dengue virus-infected primary dendritic cells Perera, N., Brun, J., Alonzi, D.S., (…), Miller, J.L., Zitzmann, N. 2022 Antiviral Research, 199, art. no. 105269.
Are societal-level values still relevant measures in the twenty-first century businessworld? A 39-society analysis Ralston, D.A., Russell, C.J., Terpstra-Tong, J., (…), Elenkov, D., Brock, D.M. 2022 Asia Pacific Journal of Management.
Breeding biology of Sri Lanka White-eye Zosterops ceylonensis (Aves: Passeriformes: Zosteropidae) in tropical montane cloud forests, Sri Lanka Dharmarathne, W.D.S.C., Chandrasiri, P.H.S.P., Mahaulpatha, W.A.D. 2022 Journal of Threatened Taxa, 14(3), pp. 20773-20779.
Characterization of landfill leachate at the Karadiyana open dumpsite, Sri Lanka, and assessment of water pollution in its vicinity Koliyabandara, P.A., Cooray, A.T., Liyanage, S., Siriwardhana, C. 2022 Journal of the National Science Foundation of Sri Lanka, 50(1), pp.
Contribution of Shadow Education to the Performance of Students in Public Schools: The Case of Sri Lanka Herath, T.N. 2022 Journal of Education.
Corrigendum to: Urine Organic Acid Analysis: Key Diagnostic Test for Fumaric Aciduria in a Sri Lankan Child Jasinge, E., Fernando, M., Ruwan Indika, N.-L., (…), Gunarathne, A.V., Ratnayake, P. 2022 Laboratory medicine, 53(3), p. e62.
Critical human resource management: People management across the global south and north Jayawardena, D. 2021 Critical Human Resource Management: People Management Across the Global South and North, pp. 1-168.
Determination of Anti-tuberculosis activity of Psychotria sarmentosa, Aponogeton crispus and two species of Pleurotus mushrooms Jayantha, J., Jayasuriya, B., Herath, D., Suresh, S., Magana-Arachchi, D. 2022 Research Journal of Pharmacy and Technology, 15(3), pp. 954-960.
Dyslexic Students’ Motivation, Habits and Attitudes towards Digital-based Reading: A Case Study of EFL College Students Al-Obaydi, L.H., Iddagoda, A. 2022 Journal of Asia TEFL, 19(1), pp. 327-335.
Editorial: Advanced Self-assembled Materials with Programmable Functions Zhang, H., Fernando, I.R., Han, J., Nguyen, K.T., Liu, J.L. 2022 Frontiers in Chemistry, 10, art. no. 892461.
How Do Different Types of University Academics Perceive Work from Home Amidst COVID-19 and Beyond? Rathnayake, N.M., Kumarasinghe, P.J., Kumara, A.S. 2022 Sustainability (Switzerland), 14(9), art. no. 4868.
Implementing therapeutic community as a rehabilitation intervention for the imprisoned narcotic drug offenders with substance use disorder: special reference to Sri Lanka Jayamaha, A.R., Herath, H.M.N.D.M., Dharmarathna, H.N.N.D., (…), Samarasinghe, K.L., Fernando, S.S.N. 2022 Journal of Offender Rehabilitation, 61(4), pp. 188-206.
Increasing the effectiveness of T-junctions with an innovative geometrical and phasing arrangement Jayasooriya, N.K., Perera, H.L.K., Bandara, J.M.S.J. 2022 Journal of the National Science Foundation of Sri Lanka, 50(1), pp. 73-86.
Influence of mortars comprised of manufactured sand with offshore sand on the performance of masonry and brick–mortar joint Arulmoly, B., Konthesingha, C., Nanayakkara, A. 2022 Innovative Infrastructure Solutions, 7(2), art. no. 160.
Integration of fuzzy logic and a convolutional neural network in three-way decision-making Subhashini, L.D.C.S., Li, Y., Zhang, J., Atukorale, A.S. 2022 Expert Systems with Applications, 202, art. no. 117103.
Integration of semantic patterns and fuzzy concepts to reduce the boundary region in three-way decision-making Subhashini, L.D.C.S., Li, Y., Zhang, J., Atukorale, A.S. 2022 Information Sciences, 595, pp. 257-277.
Optical signal intensity incorporated rice seed cultivar classification using optical coherence tomography Saleah, S.A., Lee, S.-Y., Wijesinghe, R.E., (…), Jeon, M., Kim, J. 2022 Computers and Electronics in Agriculture, 198, art. no. 107014.
Phytoremediation prospects of per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances: A review Mayakaduwage, S., Ekanayake, A., Kurwadkar, S., Rajapaksha, A.U., Vithanage, M. 2022 Environmental Research, 212, art. no. 113311.
Possible complex regional pain syndrome following SARS-CoV-2 infection: Case report Branavan, B., Indrakumar, J. 2022 SAGE Open Medical Case Reports, 10.
Restoring Lesions in Low-Dose Computed Tomography Images of COVID-19 Using Deep Learning Kulathilake, K.A.S.H., Abdullah, N.A., Lachyan, A.S., (…), Patel, D.D., Lai, K.W. 2022 IFMBE Proceedings, 86, pp. 405-413.
Retention of sulfamethoxazole by cinnamon wood biochar and its efficacy of reducing bioavailability and plant uptake in soil Keerthanan, S., Jayasinghe, C., Bolan, N., Rinklebe, J., Vithanage, M. 2022 Chemosphere, 297, art. no. 134073.
Strategies and options for the sustainable recovery of rare earth elements from electrical and electronic waste Ramprasad, C., Gwenzi, W., Chaukura, N., (…), Naushad, M., Rangabhashiyam, S. 2022 Chemical Engineering Journal, 442, art. no. 135992.
Strengthening primary health care: contributions of young professional-led communities of practice Calma, K.R.B., Brown, L.J., Fernando, G.V.M.C., Omam, L.-A. 2022 Primary health care research & development, 23, p. e13.
The impact of social media on academic performance and interpersonal relations among health sciences undergraduates Chandrasena, P.P.C.M., Ilankoon, I.M.P.S. 2022 Journal of Education and Health Promotion, 11(1), p. 117.
Urine Organic Acid Analysis: Key Diagnostic Test for Fumaric Aciduria in a Sri Lankan Child Jasinge, E., Fernando, M., Indika, N.-L.R., (…), Gunarathne, A.V., Ratnayake, P. 2022 Laboratory medicine, 53(3), pp. e48-e50.
Use of fenugreek seed gum in edible film formation: major drawbacks and applicable methods to overcome Senarathna, S., Navaratne, S., Wickramasinghe, I., Coorey, R. 2022 Journal of Food Science and Technology.

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