Appointment of Heads of the Departments of the New Faculties of Engineering and Technology

Following the approval of UGC and the subsequent publication of the Gazette Extraordinary under the signature of the Hon. Minister of Higher Education and Highways intimated the establishment of two new faculties at the University of Sri Jayewardenepura. The two new Faculties are the Faculty of Engineering and the Faculty of Technology. In addition to the already existing five faculties in the university, the two new Faculties will widen its horizons in not only academic activities but in applied research in collaboration with the academia and the industry.

Recently, the Vice Chancellor Prof. SampathAmaratunge, handed over the Letters of Appointment to the first Heads of each Department of Study in the Faculty of Engineering while two Coordinators were appointed for the Faculty of Technology as follows.

Faculty of Engineering

Head of the Department of Civil Engineering:                       Dr. K. M. C. Konthesingha

Head of the Department of Computer Engineering:              Dr. S. A. A. M. Subasinghe

Head of the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering:   Dr. C. de Alwis

Actg. Head of the Department of Mechanical Engineering: Dr. K. M. C. Konthesingha

Head of the Department of Interdisciplinary Studies: Dr. M. Mohamed


Faculty of Technology


Prof. P B Mandawala, Coordinator – Faculty of Technology and will  cover up the duties of the Dean of the Faculty of Technology

Actg. Coordinator – Department of Engineering Technology             : Dr. T. Ariyadasa

Actg. Coordinator – Department of Bio-Systems Technology           : Dr. R. Gunarathne

After congratulating the newly appointed Heads of Department, the Vice Chancellor wished them well and expressed his desire that they would contribute their best for the establishment of the new Faculties and to ensure flawless conduct of the respective academic programmes with the first intake of students envisaged during the latter part of this year. Prof. N. R. Arthenayake, who is the Lead Consultant for the Faculty of Engineering was also present on the occasion and wished them well.

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