Career Skills Development Society to launch range of activities

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Career Skills Development Society (CSDS) is one of the main students’ societies which is belongs to Career Guidance Unit of the University of Sri Jayewardenepura. The Career Skills Development Society along with Career Guidance Unit of University of Sri Jayewardenepura annually organizes diverse activities in order to enhance the employability skills of the undergraduates. The CSDS along with its members organize a large number of projects to develop the soft skills of the undergraduates.

The Annual General Meeting of the Career Skills Development Society was held on 4th of April 2016.The executive board for the years 2016/17 was appointed on this day. The members of the executive board are as follows.

President: Hiranya Perera (Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences)
Vice Presidents : Supun Thiwanka (Faculty of Applied Sciences), Dinidu Herath (Faculty of Applied Sciences)
Secretary: Chathurika Perera (Faculty of Management and Commerce)
Vice Secretary : Vishaka Pathiraja (Faculty of Management and Commerce)
Co-Treasures: Achala Gayashan (Faculty of Management and Commerce), Sajith Jayakodi (Faculty of Management and Commerce)
Sahaja Shakthi : (Main Coordinator) – Janaka Maduranga (Faculty of Management and Commerce)
Faculty Coordinators : – Daupadee Gamage (Faculty of Management and Commerce), Chathuri Thilakasiri (Faculty of Applied Sciences), Maduni Premarathne (Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences)
Sahaja Shakthi: (Orchestra Coordinator): Ranmalee De Silva (Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences)
Sahaja Shakthi (Event Coordinator) :Danushka Piyumali (Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences)

Career Advisor – Sameera Jayewardene
Senior Treasurer – Career Advisor Chathurangani Thennakoon

Japura Career Fair & Workshop Series organized by the CSDS offers a many job opportunities and internships to the undergraduates as well as to the graduates who are interest in the cooperate world. Through the workshop series undergraduates are given a thorough knowledge on leadership, personnel grooming, cv writing etc.
Moreover, the CSR projects such as ‘Donate Happiness’ are specially organized to enhance unity among the students.

Projects and programs conducted by the CSDS of USJP are initiated with the intention of developing and improving soft skills of the students as a value in addition to their university degree.

For an example, the program ‘Evening for Leisurely Talk‘ is conducted to develop English Speaking abilities of the undergraduates. A number of workshops are also designed mainly to improve soft skills such as leadership skills, communication skills, team work, problem solving abilities and to build up the confidence

The specialty of the CSDS is, not only the undergraduates are benefitted from this society, as the society expands beyond the university premises through the project ‘Arunella’ offering a valuable opportunity to the school children to enhance their soft skills.

Sahaja Shakthi Inborn talent club is the subcommittee which is implemented by the CSDS to develop the inborn talents of undergraduates. The main purpose of this is to enhance the aesthetic skills such as music, Singing, dancing, painting among the undergraduates to perform their capabilities in the University. ’Sahaja Shalthi Talent Show’ is one of the large scale annual event organized by the CSDS.

Many larger scale projects will be organized by the CSDS of the University of Sri Jayewardenepura along with the Career Guidance Unit for the sheer purpose of moulding undergraduates into productive youths with positive knowledge, skills and attitudes to serve the country.

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