Dr. (Mrs.) K.G.L.R Jayathunge and Dr. (Mrs.) N.N.R.N Nugara Appointed to Professorial Positions at Faculty of Technology

In a resounding endorsement of their exceptional contributions to academia, Dr. (Mrs.) K.G.L.R Jayathunge and Dr. (Mrs.) N.N.R.N Nugara, eminent figures in their respective fields, have attained the revered titles of Professors within their domains of expertise. They were formally appointed by Vice Chancellor of University of Sri Jayewardenepura, Senior Professor M.M. Pathmalal on 9th of August, 2023.

Dr. (Mrs.) K.G.L.R Jayathunge, a distinguished scholar from the Department of Biosystems Technology, has been promoted to the esteemed position of Professor in Food Processing Technology. With an impressive academic background, she has illuminated the realm of food processing technology through profound insights and noteworthy research efforts. Her unwavering commitment to her field is reflected in her professorship, which became effective on 15th of March, 2021. This achievement signifies the culmination of years of dedication and scholarly pursuit, bringing honour to both the Department of Bio systems Technology and the Faculty of Technology.

Equally noteworthy is the appointment of Dr. (Mrs.) N.N.R.N Nugara, a prominent academic from the same department, who now holds the title of Professor in Biosystems Technology with a specialization in agriculture, animal cell culture and human nutrition. Dr. Nugara’s significant scholarship and ground-breaking research in these crucial domains have garnered recognition within and beyond academia. Her elevation to the esteemed rank of Professor, effective from 2nd of September, 2022, stands as a testament to her exceptional contributions and scholarly eminence. Her accomplishments serve as a source of pride for the Department of Biosystems Technology and the Faculty of Technology as a whole.

The promotion of both Dr. (Mrs.) K.G.L.R Jayathunge and Dr. (Mrs.) N.N.R.N Nugara to the prestigious positions of Professorship exemplifies the Faculty of Technology’s dedication to fostering excellence in education and research.


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