Empowering Undergraduate Entrepreneurs: Japura Kadamandiya Student Marketplace by Startup Hub USJ

In an exciting showcase of entrepreneurial spirit, the University of Sri Jayewardenepura’s Startup Hub, in collaboration with the Career Guidance Unit, recently organized “Japura Kadamandiya” – an event designed to turn young people’s creative ideas into viable business opportunities. Held on August 29th, 2023, in front of the university, this vibrant marketplace featured 32 stalls open to the general public, providing a platform for aspiring entrepreneurs to bring their innovative concepts to life.

The brainchild of Prof. Hiran Amarasekara, the Startup Hub was founded in 2022 to nurture entrepreneurial aspirations among the university’s students and the wider community. Prof. Hiran Amarasekara’s vision is to bridge the gap between creativity and business acumen, and “Japura Kadamandiya” exemplifies this commitment.

Prof. Sudath Manjula Amarasena, Director of the Career Guidance Unit, and Chathurangani Thennakoon, Career Advisor, lent their valuable support to the event, recognizing the vital role it plays in fostering career growth and innovation among the student community.

The event saw active participation from distinguished individuals, including Danuka Liyanagamage, Director of the National Enterprise Development Authority, and Dr. Chathurei Nupearachchi from the Faculty of Technology, the visionary concept creator of Japura Kadamandiya and advisor of Startup Hub. Their presence underscored the importance of supporting and mentoring young entrepreneurs.

Student support was equally robust, with Ravindu Jayanath Jayawardhana, President of the Startup Hub, and Nisala Damith, Japura Student Union President, actively championing the cause of entrepreneurship on campus.

“Japura Kadamandiya” not only offered a platform for budding entrepreneurs to showcase their talents but also served as a testament to the university’s commitment to nurturing innovation and creativity. This initiative exemplifies how education institutions can play a pivotal role in empowering the next generation of entrepreneurs and turning their dreams into reality.

Photos: Hesh Studio Photogtaphy


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