Financial Literacy Survey in Belihuloya

The students of the Department of Finance conducted a survey to assess the level of financial literacy in Belihuloya area on 24th September 2015.  Students went from house to house and conducted semi – structured interviews with nearly 400 breadwinners of the households under the supervision of the head of the Department of Finance, Prof. Hareendra Dissabandara, Mr. S.D.L. Kongahawatte, and Ms. U.G. Kaushalya. The villagers exhibited a noticeable interest in the study and willingly responded to the conductors of the survey. Similarly the students also actively participated in the survey and it was a thrilling experience for them. Overall the programme was a huge success as we could understand that the level of financial literacy among the people in rural areas is in an extremely critical level. Now we are in the process of analyzing the collected data in detailed.

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