Dept of Computer science buids first Sri Lankan robot that interacts with humans

Robot “ViduJaya”

We are pleased to announce the development of Sri Lanka’s first ever social robotic platform by Dr. P. Ravindra S. De Silva, Didula Egodage, Lakshitha Madhushan, Udaka Manawadu and Thilina Madushanka. This robot which is named “ViduJaya” is an autonomous robot that can interact with humans or other autonomous physical agents by following social behaviors.

Dr. P. Ravindra S. De Silva and his research team are from the Department of Computer Science of the Faculty of Applied Sciences, University of Sri Jayewardenepura.

As a photographer, robot “ViduJaya” can capture the natural expressions of humans while encouraging them to express their natural behaviors.

Dr. P. Ravindra S. De Silva
Members of the Research Team

Robot “ViduJaya”

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