Five Jayewardnepura researchers among Webometrics Ranking

Five academics (three from Faculty of Applied Science and one each from Medical Sciences and Humanities and Social Sciences) of University of Sri Jayewardenepura were among the resechers who got webometrics ranking issued recently by website. This site who ranks research institutes in the World, recently ranked Scientists  based on their Google Scholar Citations (GSC ) profiles. This first edition was built with data collected during the fourth week of February 2015 from the public profiles of researchers working in Sri Lankan (Sri Lanka, Asia) institutions. It is a BETA Ranking of the scientists according to their declared (voluntarily) presence in the Google Scholar Citations database. We advise to those interested in appearing in future editions to sign into these databases, correcting and updating their public profiles.

According to Webometrics , there are still MANY mistakes and gaps in the list. The list consists of the Top 250 profiles ranked first by h-index in decreasing order and, when ties appear, then by the total number of citations as a secondary criteria.

University of Sri Jayewardnepura Scientists with Ranking


56 Prof Fernando Sirimali 12 772
59 Prof. Pradeep M Jayaweera 12 460
118 Dr. Prasad Jayaweera 9 215
155 Dr. Ravindra Lokupitiya 7 256
173 Dr. Charmalie A D Nahallage 7 150

However we have noted that more staff members (details of some of them are listed below) at University of Sri Jayewardeneprua with Google Scholar profiles verified by an email were not inlcuded by webometrics Ranking:

Prof. U. G. Chandrika, Department of Biochemistry – H Index 9

Google Scholar Citations Profiles

GS is a free very large bibliographic database that it is especially useful for bibliometric purposes as it provides the number (and lists them) of citations received by the items included. Its current size is over 160 million unique documents, many of them with links to openly available full-text versions). This is almost three times the current coverage of the paywalled competitors like WoS/Thomson or Scopus/Elsevier.

GS Citations is a tool for setting up author profiles of individuals and their publications as covered by GS. There are many advantages in generating your own profile using GSC. It is really very easy to use as you only need a Google account to start collecting your publications and the associated metrics. The system is very powerful and it guides you in every step offering candidate publications (with a very low error rate) and the possibility of merging, delete or adding records.

How to set up your own profile

Please, follow the following advices and take into account the warnings about nasty practices:

Make the profile public!
Delete duplicate old profiles. Entries marked # means there are other profiles for the same author.
Identify yourself with your standard signature name (not inverse)
Provide information about your affiliation, including institution name, city and country
Use an institutional email account
Use keywords in English (about 5) for allowing comparisons with international colleagues
Preferably, neither general terms (physics, chemistry, medicine) nor very specific ones

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