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“Globalization is a concept of high competition; however is competition the way forward in terms of welfare? We promote students to work towards profit; however we have not ignored welfare. There should be fine balance between everything and this is what we need harvest in ourselves as we move forward,” Professor Sampath Amaratunge, the Vice Chancellor of the University of Sri Jayewardenepura says addressing the audience at  The 14th annual International Conference of Business management (ICBM) 2017.

He further said that today we use the concept ‘Global Village casually, yet it is concept that brings the globe and the village together as one entity. He said that this was only possible through technology. Technology is an essential understanding and a necessary tool to function within the modern world, however he believes that one must be mindful of where and when technology must be used.

And thus began ICBM on the 8th of December at Hotel Taj Samudra. The conference was organized by the Faculty of Management Studies and Commerce of the University of Sri Jayewardenepura.

The theme of this year’s conference was: “Managing Inference Corporate Resilience and Growth” a topical theme for discussion.  According to the Faculty members the word interface refers to an “interconnection, a common boundary at which facts, problems, considerations, theories, and practices are shared by two or more parties, disciplines or fields of study.”

“Within the business boundaries today, there are many interfaces to be involved. Other than short term interfaces like the boundary between customer and business, organization and other organizations, insiders and outsiders, employees and employers, there are interfaces between long term growth objectives and sustainability. Public organizations use public money and there arises an interface between managers and investors objectives,” Dr. Chandana Gunathilaka, Co-Chair, ICBM of the University of Sri Jayewardenepura said at the conference.

In a world where advertisements act as the bread and butter of any successful corporation, it creates a connection between the customer and product. The world that we live in is full of inferences as that mentioned. The connection between Inferences differs in terms of the scale of management.

Inferences are found between Resilience and Growth objectives. ICBM 2017 set a platform for national and international scholars, and practitioners to discuss and debate the challenges of managing these interfaces, exploring the growth potential of the next era of business.

Among the dignitaries present at the conference, Professor Patrick Mendis of Harvard University, an alumnus of University of Sri Jayewardenepura spoke about innovations. While Professor Evan Lau of the University of Malaysia Sarawak spoke about the timely topic of managing inference in the digital era.

Professor Narayanan, a renowned author too joined the conference as a Transformational catalyst and global business consultant.

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