Japura University launches Innovate Sri Lanka based on ancient innovation of Biso Kotuwa

Innovate Sri Lanka - University of Sri Jayewardenepura

Invention and innovation that is hailed by society globally is actually not something unheard of for us as Sri Lankans. Having grown up listening to the tales of Ravana and his Dandumonara yanthraya, invention and innovation is etched within our genes. This logo, the symbol that will be synonymous with the University of Sri Jayewardenepura’s journey in the field innovation, portrays the Bisso Kotuwa, a world renowned Sri Lanka invention that has astounded the global community and is used even today. This logo is a depiction of the Urusita Wewa- Bisso Kotuwa and the Sluice conduits, a similar ruin was once found when the engineers of the Victoria Dam were constructing the sluice gate for the dam. Deep underneath the earth of that land mass they found one of most sophisticated remains of ancient Sri Lankan engineering.

The Costain group which was conducting the project greatly emphasized the ingenious design of the Biso kotuwa. These ancient engineers of our country were ahead of their times, though they did not have the paper qualification modern engineers have, they envisioned these modern technologies in the days of yore.

Therefore, this logo is a celebration of our ancient heritage. The insignia of the snake with seven heads is a symbol of prosperity which is also found carved at the Urusita Wewa Biso kotuwa. It is a symbol of prosperity which is a denotation of our way forward and what we hope to achieve for our motherland.

For more information:

Innovation, Invention and Venture Creation Council (IIVCC)

 Invention and Innovation Exhibition


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