USJP Partners with Prof. Dulini Fernando on Developing Academic Research

Prof. Dulini Fernando, a fellow of the University of Warwick United Kingdom met with the Vice Chancellor on the 18th of December at The Vice Chancellor’s office at 12 noon to discuss partnering with the University of Sri Jayewardenepura (USJP) in conducting a series of workshops to further strengthen the research initiative taken by USJP.

This initiative will develop the quality of research done by the academic staff of the University of Sri Jayewardenepura. Prof. Fernado, a specialist in the area of journal publishing hopes to conduct workshops that will inform the staff on the best and the most updated methods of writing papers so as to be recognized and published by international journals.

Prof. Fernando is experienced in publishing qualitative research in more than four Management Journals. A resident in the UK, Prof. Fernando has worked with a range of theoretical frameworks and has applied these to understand professional work and professional workers in a range of empirical settings. She has worked with leading organizations in the UK developing HRM interventions to facilitate the career development of the professional workforce.

She also conducts many workshops regarding academic publishing in many countries. She hopes conduct the workshops upon her return to Sri Lanka in the coming year. In the meantime she will also be conducting several workshops to some of the leading private sector organizations in Sri Lanka.

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