Prof. L. Dinithi C. Peiris won “Outstanding Scientist Award” at International Scientist Awards 2021

Prof. L. Dinithi C. Peiris of the Department of Zoology / Genetics & Molecular Biology Unit won the “Outstanding Scientist Award” awarded by the VDGOOD Technology Professional Organization, India. She was selected for this award based on her research profile.

This organization is committed for novel research, publications, and inventions.

VDGOOD is working towards finding new innovations to make life easier in all aspects, which is the process of taking great ideas and converting them into useful products for public use. Valuable ideas result from creativity, which is the prerequisite for innovation, creativity, and the ability to combine ideas uniquely or make useful associations among concepts. The invention provides new ideas for quality improvement in organizations, and innovation puts these ideas into action.

USJ Congratulates Prof. L. Dinithi C. Peiris for winning the “Outstanding Scientist Award” at International Scientist Awards 2021. The University of Sri Jayewardenepura wishes her all the best for all her future endeavors.


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