Register Now: J’pura Employability Skills Awards 2023 – Recognizing and Rewarding Multiskilled Undergraduates

Registrations are now open for JESA 2023!

The Annual J’pura Employability Skills Awards (JESA), proudly presented by the Career Guidance Unit of the University of Sri Jayewardenepura, recognizes outstanding students who have developed essential employability skills to excel in the corporate world. Celebrating dedication to personal growth, leveraging university opportunities, and building professional networks, JESA serves as a platform to showcase readiness for the corporate realm.

This year making a step ahead, JESA 2023 introduces the “Best Innovator Award” open to all state university students. USJ students have the opportunity to compete for the following awards.

  • Best Leader Award (For USJ students only)
  • Best Team player Award (For USJ students only)
  • Best Communicator Award (For USJ students only)
  • Best Creative designer Award (For USJ students only)
  • Best Entrepreneur Award (For USJ students only)
  • Best CSR activity Award (For USJ students only)
  • Best Employability Skills Achiever (All rounder for all faculties)
  • Best Innovator Award (For all state university students)

In conjunction with JESA, the upcoming “J’pura Employability Enhancing Month” in August will provide a valuable opportunity for students from all faculties to enhance their employability skills. Industry-focused workshops, exhibitions, and diverse programs organized by the Career Skill Development Society will further empower students on their journey to success.

Take the first step towards a rewarding career and apply now to showcase your preparedness for the corporate world. JESA 2023 Awaits you!


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