Rotaract Club of USJ organizes maternal health initiative

Rotaract Club of USJ initiated their novel initiative “Diwiyata Diwiyak” with the intention of nurturing expecting mothers in need. Expecting mothers being consulted at Hope Clinic, Munhena, Kalutara District were the beneficiaries of the project for the year 2021-22.

Hope Clinic, Munhena was in dire need of a touch up in their facility. The facility was cleaned, painted by Rotaractors and renovated with proper sanitation facilities. A donation of medical equipment for Clinical purposes was also done.

Rotaract representative said, “Lanka Hospitals Corporation PLC, Link Natural Products (Pvt) Ltd, Velona Cuddles, Dulux and all other individual donors sponsored for this project and the support extended by them for the success of the project is greatly appreciated. The project will be continued on an annual basis”.

The main aspect of this project was to make these pregnant mothers aware of how to take care of themselves and their babies at a time like this when a pandemic is spreading across the country. The interactive discussion based on it was conducted by Panadura Maternity Hospital Dr Ilma Imtiaz. Another topic the team had identified as an area in which expecting mothers of Sri Lanka lack was ‘Taking care of oral health during pregnancy’ which was conducted by New Kalutara Clinic and Nursing Home Dr. D.K.R Sanjeewani. The program ended on a high note by gifting mothers with mother and baby essentials.

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