Guidelines for sending samples for COVID19 Testing to the Center for Dengue Research

  1. Please contact CDR Laboratory,University of Sri Jayewardenepura on 0716604280 prior to sending samples to confirm availability of testing,timing etc.
  2. Please submit a request form with each sample with the following:
    a. Name of patient
    b. BHT no.
    C. Gender
    d. Ward number
    e. Hospital name
    f. Brief and relevant patient history
    g. Type of sample(sputum,NP swab, throat swab etc)
    h. Date and time of collection
    i. Name and signature of collecting officer
    j. Contact details of a medical staff member to be contacted in the event of doubt clarification
  3. Please label each individual collection tube
  4. Please send in a properly sealed container under maximum sealed conditions as recommended by the WHO.

CDR Laboratory,
Center for Dengue Research
Faculty of Medicine
University of Sri Jayewardenepura
Phone: 0716604280


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