Student –Teacher Exchange Program between Sweden and USJP

Student –Teacher Exchange Program between Kristianstad University, Sweden and B. Sc. Nursing Program, University of Sri Jayewardenepura (2011-2017)


A reciprocal teacher and student exchange programme between the BSc. Nursing Programme, Dept of Medical Education & Health Sciences of University of Sri Jayewardenepura and the Department of Nursing, Kristianstad University, in Sweden was established during 2010/2011.

This project is administered by the International Programme for Education and Training and financed by Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (SIDA) under the Linnaeus – Palme project.

The aim is to strengthen collaboration between higher education institutions in Sweden and developing countries, thereby increasing and enhancing global contacts and partnerships.

The aim is achieved by (a) enabling Swedish and foreign teachers to teach in a different language and cultural environment, (b) providing opportunities for Swedish and foreign students the opportunity to benefit from tutorials with teachers from a different language and cultural environment, (c ) providing opportunities for students in Sweden and in developing countries to obtain a greater understand of their field of interest by studying one or two academic terms in another language and cultural environment, and to contribute to broader and enhanced knowledge or language skills among participating students and teachers.

An MOU was signed on the 25.02.2011 to establish the Student -Teacher exchange programme in Sri Jayawardenepura University.

Further, this program offered opportunity for two B.Sc. Nursing graduates to read for Master of Integrative Health Science (on-line) course each year from 2011.

Student – Exchange:

Two students from Sri Jayewardenepura University who are in the 4th year of the BSc. Nursing Degree programme will be selected in each academic year to study in the Kristianstad University, Sweden for 12 weeks.The students will be enrolled in elective studies  (06 credits) offered by the BSc. Nursing course in the Kristianstad University, Sweden. Two exchange students from Kristianstad University, Sweden visit each year and their study programme consists of learning about culture and health care in Sri Lanka and obtaining  experience in clinical and community settings.


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