Ten Academics from the Faculty of Applied Sciences of USJ, Honored with SUSRED Awards 2023

SUSRED is a support scheme for supervision of research degrees awarded by the National Science Foundation (NSF) under two categories, MPhil and PhD. The awards are made in recognition of the commitment of the supervisors of the MPhil and PhD research projects and their contribution in achieving impactful research outcomes efficiently. The research projects have to be conducted in Sri Lanka and completed before five years.

This year ten academics of the Faculty of Applied Sciences, University of Sri Jayewardenepura received SUSRED Awards for 2023. The title of the projects and names & the departments of the supervisors are given below.

PhD category

  • Thesis Title: Comprehensive analysis of fresh fish logistic chain in Sri Lankan marine fishery

Awardees –

  1. Prof. Prof. Jagath Wansapala (Department of Food Science & Technology)
  2. Prof. Indira Wickramasinghe (Department of Food Science & Technology)
  • Thesis Title: The study of anti-diabetic and anti-cancer activities of the bioactive constituents of Sri Lankan marine algae Chnoospora minima and Gracillaria edulis

Awardees –

  1. Snr. Prof. Dinithi Peiris (Department of Zoology)

MPhil category

  • Thesis Title: Synthesis of copper doped phosphate functionalized activated carbon nanohybrids and its potential applications in drinking water

Awardees –

  1. Prof. Nilwala Kottegoda (Department of Chemistry)
  2. Dr. Imalka Munaweera (Department of Chemistry)
  • Thesis Title: Improving the stability of XLAsp-P2 through nano- conjugation

Awardees –

  1. Dr. Laksiri Weerasinghe (Department of Chemistry)
  2. Dr. Ranga Jayakody (Department of Chemistry)
  • Thesis Title: Next generation plant nutrient delivery system based on modified hydroxyapatite nanoparticles

Awardees –

  1. Prof. Nilwala Kottegoda (Department of Chemistry)
  2. Dr. Surani Chathurika (Department of Urban Bioresources)
  • Thesis Title: Characterization of proteins from selected seaweeds in Sri Lanka and application as protein alternatives in bakery foods

Awardees –

  1. Prof. Isuru Wijesekara (Department of Food Science & Technology)
  2. Prof. Madhura Jayasinghe (Department of Food Science & Technology)

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